Nabokov's unfinished novel "The original of Laura"

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Unfinished novel by Vladimir Nabokov "The Original of Laura" should have been released on November 3 this year. The son and a sole heir of the writer, mister Dmitri Nabokov, now livies in Switzerland, decided nevertheless to publish the draft of the work.

Before his death in 1977, Nabokov requested that the manuscript was left unfinished and novel was destroyed. For 30 years, drafts were stored on 138 library cards in the bank vault in Switzerland, but the son decided not to "take on the role of literary arsonist."

Penguin Classics has decided not to edit and build the print upon the manuscript. On one side of the sheet will be printed card, so that the reader could see the handwriting of the writer, on the other - the transcription of the text cards. Despite the fact that the text is not edited and suffers some limitations, according to chief editor of publishing Alexis Kirschbaum, admirers of Vladimir Nabokov, read it with great interest, because in almost every line the hand of genius is visible.

It was reported earlier that the "ABC" publisher may print "Laura" in Russian in 2009, but it was unclear whether it will be realized, given that the English book will be released only in November.

In addition, in November 2010 and Penguin Classics will publish a collection of poems, and poems by Nabokov, previously released in the UK. A year later readers can read the letter from the writer's wife Vera.

 The Plot

Although the contents of the last works of Nabokov still kept in the strictest secrecy, fragments of "Laura" saw the writer's biographer Brian Boyd. At one time, he advised his wife Vera Nabokov's son Dmitri and not to publish the manuscript. However, in January this year, suddenly changed his mind.

According to Boyd, "is a masterpiece of technical skill, just like the later works of Shakespeare, where he is concentrating expands the boundaries of his own method."

The text of the manuscript and saw other people, although they can be counted on the fingers. If, however, to interview all those who are least able to touch the content of the manuscript, we can derive the storyline. Protagonist Philip Wilde, an extremely corpulent scholar married to a slender and windy woman named Flora, which is insanely promiscuity. Wild Flora originally liked just because it looked like another woman - Aurora Leigh. Generally, the image of Death in the product is a leitmotif.

The book begins with a description of the party, followed by four more scenes, after which the novel is divided into fragments. It is not known how old the Wild, but it did not leave the thought of death, and he decides to kill himself by meditation.

The History of Creation

Vladimir Nabokov began work on "original Laura" shortly before his death, when he was seriously ill. At 50 index cards a great writer, poet, entomologist and the player has recorded only a general outline of the novel. There he put a note with the direct instruction that the cards should be destroyed. New unfinished novel was mentioned in the diaries, Nabokov, December 1, 1974, when he writes to memory the name "die - it's fun." By 3 April 1976 a working title changed to The Opposite of Laura - "The opposite of Laura, in short TOOL, but from another diary entry, it follows that Nabokov is moving" at a speed of 5.6 cards per day, but a lot of rework. "

After two months or more, 17 June 1976, Nabokov catches an infection that was never diagnosed, and treated in hospital. By this time his mind had already formed an image of the future of the novel, and wandered for six weeks, Nabokov imagines the novel reads like students, among them "peacocks, doves, long-dead parents, two cypresses, several young nurses, squatting around and family physician - from senility almost invisible.

Before her death, Nabokov turned to his wife with a request to destroy all cards with the outline of the novel. However, his last wish was not fulfilled. Dmitri Nabokov believes that if his father really wanted his novel saw the light, he would destroy it himself.

Recall that Nabokov is the author of novels "Masha", "Camera Obscura", "Dar", "Lolita," "Pnin," a book of memoirs, "Other Shore. He translated into English, "The Lay of Igor" and "Eugene Onegin". In 1961 Nabokov moved to Switzerland. Vladimir Nabokov died on July 2, 1977 at the age of 78 years.

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